It can seem overwhelming to start thinking about a career while still in school. However, there is a way that University of Minnesota students can gain real-world experience right on campus: The Minnesota Daily. The Daily presents students with valuable skills that can be leveraged into starting a career post-graduation. Some familiar names of Daily alumni include Maud Hart Lovelace and Roy Wilkins, whose work has helped put Minneapolis on the map.

From journalism to marketing to photography, the Daily acts as an institution of work experience to its employees. Upon graduation from this institution, these skills can be used to help young professionals begin their careers.

On a smaller and more recent scale, the Daily has provided alumni with diverse career paths. Firstly, Yena Lee, a Project Manager at InTouch Photo. During her time at MN Daily Media, Lee learned a diverse set of skills as a Copy Desk Editor and Arts & Entertainment reporter. As someone who had “absolutely no idea” what she wanted to do post-graduation, MN Daily Media provided an indispensable experience that Lee was able to use and apply across various fields, from editorial to advertising. During her time at the Daily, she designed over 50 news page layouts using Adobe InDesign, and interviewed with restaurant professionals for a segment called “College Kitchen.”

Similarly, Elizabeth Luke, Associate Client Manager at Nielsen Corporation, used the Daily as a jump-start to her career. Luke worked at MN Daily Media for two years, leading as the Business Operations Officer from 2016-2017. She gained many real-world work experiences, such as working cross-functionally with different departments to improve her ability to communicate and cooperate in various settings. Assisting hiring at MN Daily Media was not only a highlight of her position, but it also was a great example to share during her job interviews after graduation. Her experience in launching a new website enhanced her digital strategies and problem-solving skills, which built a good foundation for her marketing career.

Currently, Elizabeth specializes in helping her clients with marketing strategy from consumer perspectives to product innovation and development. As an Associate Client Manager, she works hard to provide the best service for her clients using the skills she learned at the Daily.

Former Business Operations Officer, Kyle Stumpf, plans to use his experience at the Daily in his future position as a Business Development Representative at Thomson Reuters. In his own words, “I know that the knowledge I gained at the Daily will allow me to start my career ahead of my peers.” Being a part of an organization as distinguished as the Daily provides valuable experience; it’s won countless awards over the past century and has produced two Pulitzer Prize-winning alumni.

It serves as a memorable and impressive name to have on a resume. Interested in making your mark on the Daily? Look into careers at

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