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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Once I submit my application, when can I anticipate a response from you?

A: Our paid positions operate on hiring cycles and we strive for reaching out to all applicants with a response within two weeks after the position has closed from either the hiring manager or Human Resources. Please note that our intern positions are continuously rolling and, because of this, it is much more difficult to respond back to every application immediately, but you should expect a response within a semester.

Q: Are applications only open to students that attend the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities?

A: You must be a University of Minnesota – Twin Cities student to apply and work at Minnesota Daily Media.

Q: Are internship positions open year-round?

A: Internship applications are always open in order to lower the barrier of entry for incoming students who would like to work with us.

Q: Due to COVID-19 and the current pandemic, will interviewing and onboarding sessions take place in the office or online?

A: Our office location is currently closed to everyone except for essential workers and we have migrated all of our work and communication online including interviews and onboardings.

Q: My major is not in the Hubbard School of Journalism or Carlson School of Management, can I still apply for the position?

A: We strongly believe in equal opportunity in our hiring and employment practices and encourage you to apply regardless of your major, experience, or any protected class.

Q: Do positions have specific course requirements?

A: Some positions have preferred course requirements that will ensure a base point, but that is a preference and not a mandate because we’ve seen strong candidates and employees who have been able to learn on their own without having specific course experience.

Q: The application says that the applicant should have X semesters remaining to be eligible but I graduate in less than that, can I still apply for the position?

A: We always encourage students to apply for our positions and we include these points on the job description to be transparent with our specific decision criteria for those positions. 

Q: May I apply for more than one position? Is it possible to be hired for more than one position at the same time at the Minnesota Daily?

A: You may apply for more than one position and it is very rare for employees to hold multiple positions within our organization at the same time due to conflict of interest, management structure, and workload balance.

Q: Who would be appropriate to address my cover letter?

A: Your application is sent to our Human Resources team including the Human Resources Director but will be read and processed by the hiring manager, which is usually the individual who currently holds the director or manager role of that department.

Q: I want to be notified of when positions open & close, where can I sign-up for updates?

A: Our Human Resources team is working on a channel of communication where students and groups who are interested in our positions can receive updates on their status every hiring cycle and you can sign up for these notifications here.



Q: My position is an unpaid position, do I still need to submit the paperwork and my banking information?

A: We ask that all incoming interns submit their payment information so that we can access the information quickly if an individual is promoted to a paid position in the future, which happens very frequently.

Q: My offer letter says that I will have an onboarding session with Human Resources, what does the meeting with the Alumni Relations Department entail?

A: During the meeting with Alumni Relations, an incoming employee will receive information about the Alumni Relations Department and the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association (MDAA). Specific information will pertain to how these resources can assist current employees during their time at the Daily.

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