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Equity & Inclusion

MN Daily: Equity and Inclusion Statement

The Minnesota Daily and MN Daily Media is a legacy institution on the University of Minnesota campus and has the great responsibility and privilege of acting as a public forum for the University and surrounding neighborhoods. As the University’s student newspaper, we have a duty to not only to tell stories in a fair, respectful and equitable fashion but to act that way as employers and leaders in our community. We must continually grow and diversify to more accurately represent and cover the communities we serve.

MN Daily Media is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will continue its commitment to hiring based on position qualification and without consideration to any protected classes. Furthermore, the Daily is committed to increasing access to employment opportunities for potential hires, especially Black, brown, Indigenous and POC talent across all divisions and all levels. As an organization, we will continue – and increase – our outreach and recruitment efforts to diverse communities and student organizations to create a pipeline of opportunity and access into our organization.

More than that, we will also commit to the retention and promotion of individuals from historically marginalized backgrounds and continue the creation of a more inclusive work environment. In order to see this goal to fruition, leadership at MN Daily Media has created a diversity committee to focus on expanding recruitment efforts, improving retention rates and increasing job access outside of our Human Resources department’s dedicated outreach team. This self-checking mechanism will allow us to analyze our role as an employer and student organization, better understand the strategies we use effectively and improve wherever shortcomings may exist.

We pledge to be more accountable and equitable in our hiring efforts and decisions by using our internal resources and consistently gaining external feedback. We value the variety of experiences, wisdom and skills that students of all backgrounds bring to the table and it is our mission to train every one of our students to professional standards and teach them best practices to succeed in their future endeavors. If you are interested in joining our diverse, hardworking team, you can find available job postings here.

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